RockStar 101 School Event Trailer

RockStar 101 Birthday Party Trailer

The RockStar 101 Anthem:

“I am a RockStar and I can make a positive impact on this world. I am a RockStar and I am confident I will leave a legacy that is good, right, and real. I am a RockStar and I will give my ALL on this stage we call life!”

Parents, do you want to see your RockStar bloom with confidence? Kids, do you love music, singing, playing games and shooting music videos?

W elcome to RockStar 101, the summer camp, after school special, and private party extravaganza that every kid and parent is talking about! You can either have your event at our awesome new RockStar 101 Studio, or RockStar 101 will bring all the necessary equipment to your event; yes, that includes LIVE microphones. You will have a blast banding together with your best friends and working hard to achieve common goals: harmonizing, choreographing steps, and shooting that music video! Regardless of location, we will provide the RockStar props to pump up the experience…and watch your confidence soar!!!

Call us today at (754) 264-I-ROCK [(754) 264-7625]  for your next party, school aftercare, or summer camp. All instructors are level 2 background checked, and we are licensed and fully insured. The party rocks with RockStar 101…’cause that’s how we roll!

MISSION: RockStar 101’s mission is to empower children of all ages with and through the use of the universal language: music. Through self-expression, our all-inclusive programs help build good and strong character by instilling confidence, teamwork and the importance of legacy, all in a high-energy FUN atmosphere…by emphasizing to children that their voice matters, and assisting them to ensure they are heard; ultimately, helping them become Rockstars on the stage of life!

WE DO BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!!!!!!  Check us out:

  • Take A Tour Of Our RockStar 101 Studio
  • Take A Tour Of Our RockStar 101 Studio
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149 NE 2 Ave Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

RockStar noun \rŏk-stär\: 1. A confident person that always tries their best and affects positive change in the world, regardless of situation or circumstance   2. One that does the right thing, even when no one is watching  3. One who strives to leave a legacy that is good, right and real
< Ethan helps grandma clean her house every Saturday…that boy is a RockStar! >

What RockStars Say About Us

What Parents Can Expect

Rockstar Structure & Self Discipline
Rockstar Respect of Self and Others
Rockstar Self Esteem Builder
Rockstar Increased Confidence

What Kids Can Expect

Rockstar Today’s Current Music
Rockstar Live Microphones
Rockstar Choreography
Rockstar Vocal Techniques
Rockstar Shooting Music Videos
Rockstar Rockstar Games
Rockstar The Rocko Awards
Rockstar Fun, Fun, Fun!