RockStar 101: Who, What, When, Where, How

The big, red firetruck roared by, lights flashing brightly and sirens wailing loudly…I remember as a young boy the surge of energy rushing through my small body, and subconsciously telling myself, “One day, that’s gonna be me!”

Fast forwarding many years, I look back and find myself the product of a little boy that realized his life’s dream: helping others and making a difference, all the while doing something I so dearly loved! Coming from very humble beginnings, I am living proof that anyone can reach achievements that begin as a simple thought in a child’s mind!

Now a retired firefighter with 30 years of service in a large Southeastern, US metropolitan fire department, I discover myself in a very familiar situation: helping others and making a difference, all while doing something I dearly love; introducing (drumroll, please): RockStar 101! Our children have hopes and dreams, regardless of situation or circumstance. RockStar 101 was founded to help our little dreamers realize their “simple thoughts”, or more specifically, their dreams.

Through the universal language, music; live microphones, games, and FUN, voilá: RockStar 101 was born! We believe that anyone can be a RockStar…that being said, what exactly is a RockStar??? RockStar 101 defines a RockStar as:

RockStar – A confident person that does the right thing, even when no one is watching; one who always tries their best, and affects positive change in the world, regardless of situation or circumstance; one who strives to leave a legacy that is true, right and real.

Whether a birthday party (for kids of ALL ages!), a bar or bat mitzvah, summer/winter/spring camp, child’s enrichment class, corporate team building event, or any celebratory event one can conjure, RockStar 101 will deliver a new, cutting edge, creative and FUN experience that will not soon be forgotten!

Let RockStar 101 help to discover the RockStar in you and be part of your RockStar’s realization of, “One day that’s gonna be me!”